Wednesday, September 15, 2010


At our house we have lots and lots of locks. We have locks for cabinets and locks for doors. We have locks for all sorts of things.

Shown here is a lock for our bathroom. It is placed on the outside of the door just as high up as I can reach (which isn't all that high since I'm really short).

Why, you ask, do we have so many locks? And why would anyone need a lock on the outside of the bathroom?

Because we don't like stepping into mysterious goo messes at random times during the day. Because there are short, energetic creatures who will open each and every drawer and cabinet in the house and empty the contents of each and every bottle into the bath water. Because if we didn't have the locks we would certainly have many more trips to the emergency room.

We put up locks on the the front door to keep the child inside so he doesn't roam the streets wearing only his diaper. We put up locks on the back door so that he doesn't go out to dig in the back yard when it is blizzarding outside. In short our house is not just child safe - it is autistic child safe.

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