Friday, August 13, 2010

Thomas And Friends

Maybe you've heard of Thomas and Friends? Its a little show about a blue train and all of his friends. By now I can name off each of them and tell you what colors they are, their names and thier personalities, despite the fact that I'm personally not all that interested in them.

Mr. Energy, on the other hand loves Thomas. It is one of the very few ways we can ensure that he will sit quiet for a little while. There are lots of other shows out there, some with singing and music, some with brighter colors and more interesting plots, but none of them holds his attention like Thomas. I'm not sure what it is about the trains that gets to him but it holds a power like no other.

He will sit (and to my mind that is a miracle) for over an hour, sometimes even two hours and watch the television. No grand feat you may say. But when you consider that if anything else is on he generally won't pay any attention to it at all, I find it pretty interesting. My other kids enjoy their t.v. when I'm nice enough to let them. I have to prod them to mobilize, but not Mr. Energy.