Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Moneky Harness

The Monkey Harness is an indispensable tool in our arsenal to keep our kid safe. We actually have another harness which is a puppy, but we like the monkey harness the best.

He wears it on his back like a little backpack, and the tail is a leash. We never really used a harness with our other children, but with little mister energy it is absolutely necessary.

We send him to school everyday with his little harness on so that his older brother can hold onto him and keep him from running off until he is in the safe hands of his teachers.

At stores, most of the time he still rides in the shopping cart, but for those times when he just won't cooperate the monkey is a life saver. He is getting to where he wants to do more things that other children do and this is one way to allow him those experiences without having to worry if he is going to be off down the street in another three seconds.

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