Saturday, June 6, 2009

No Clothes

My son has some sort of vendetta against wearing clothes. Whenever he gets home from school, the first thing he does is strip off all his clothes so that he can run around the house. Even when he sneaks out into the back yard he doesn't bother putting on any clothes.

We have a super tall fence and the neighbors aren't nosy so I don't worry about it too much except that he does it even when it is really cold or really hot outside. I don't really want him to get sick or sunburned and it is sometimes quite scary. If I dress him before he goes out then I just find his clothes scattered around the yard, which makes it quite a pain to keep them clean.

He especially hates to wear socks. When we go to the store, for example, he will allow us to dress him, but if we put socks on him then by the time we get out of the car he will have removed his socks, though he does put his shoes back on his bare feet. I really have no idea why he hates his socks so much. Maybe he gets sweaty feet. This is just one of those things that I would really like him to be able to explain to me so that I can understand.


  1. For whatever comfort this may be, it's pretty normal behavior.

  2. First off - how old is your son?
    My daughter didn't like clothes while she was little (before kindergarden) and she would strip down anywhere we were and we were afraid it would continue into her school years and then miraculously she stopped this about 3 months before she started kindergarden. She is a prude now (she is 30) and said that phase was because the clothes felt constricting.

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  4. Sure would be nice if you lived on a remote Caribbean island, huh? :)

  5. I'm 21 and autistic. I HATE socks! It annoys my stepmother to no end I'll run around in sneakers with no socks. I can't really explain why, socks just really annoy me. I'm so much happier not wearing them, even when I do mess up my feet.