Saturday, May 16, 2009

His First Words

When my oldest child said his first words, it was pretty darn cool. I mean I called up my mother and told her about it and she was pretty happy. He was about 9 months old. He hasn’t shut up since, and believe me we’ve been trying.

We also have a daughter who it took a bit longer to get her to open up. She was about 14 months before she really started talking. For a while we were a bit worried, but now she is as bad (or good) as her brother.

Then there is our little autistic boy. Waiting for years for him to say “daddy” really was hard. There is an expectation that children will just recognize you at some point. That they will just say who you are and give you a bit of credit for bringing them into the world. When it doesn’t come it is pretty rough to deal with.

All I can say is that when that day did arrive it was one of the happiest in my life. I admit that I did shed a tear or two over it.

Unlike the other two we still struggle each day to get him to say even the simplest of phrases. There is something inside him that just doesn’t see the need to communicate like that. But there is still a look in his eyes and something in his smile that he reserves just for mom and dad. The words may not be there, but all of the love and emotion that a child has for his parents is there, and those are things that make him just too adorable to ignore.


  1. I'm happy for you. Most people take that for granted.

  2. Hi there, I came across your blog via entrecard, and have just read all of your posts ...

    I studied the IB Diploma when in high school, and as part of my course was to do 150 hours of service .. I chose to work with a family that had a daughter who was autistic.

    I can relate to how you must be feeling, however it must bring a smile to your face everytime you see your son progress just a little whether it be a word he says, or an action he does right.

    I still write to that family, and try to check on the progress of the little girl I spent 150 hours with .. and it was hard to work with her, and I would only be there a few hours ..

    A big hug to you and your wife for not losing hope on your son, he will recognise both of you at his own pace, but until then, he just needs your love and support.

    Hope you have a great weekend !

  3. Child Safety That is the sweetest thing ever! It is wonderful to share the love you have for your little punkin and your patience and understanding is wonderful! I wish all kids had it so good!