Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Little Carnivore

Okay, vegetarians out there you might want to skip this post. It turns out that Mr. Energy is a huge carnivore, except for apples and bread. Okay he likes some fruit too but for whatever reason wheneve we are eating meat be it chicken, beef, fish, pork or wild game all he eats is the meat.

He will eat 2 adult portions without batting an eye and if we offer him anything else and I do mean anything else he just pushes it aside and goes back to the meat. I'm really not sure why it is. We eat a rather balanced diet at our place. There is usually fruit at snack times and veggie sticks (no dressing) and a wide variety of healthy sandwiches and soups - all of which he will eat in their proper time and place.

But if you put a pork chop on the table he acts as if it is the last meal being served and everything else is poison.