Monday, January 26, 2009

Introducing My Boy

I have a little boy who is now 5. He is autistic (pretty obvious from the blog title). I wanted to introduce him here since this is the first post. Naturally I’ll keep his name anonymous because after all he will grow up and the internet has a way of making things permanent.

We discovered his autism quite early on. At first we thought he had a hearing problem because he simply didn’t respond when we called his name. He would just keep going and going. Well, three hearing tests later we finally convinced someone that it might be something else. A bunch of tests later they said autism.

For a run of the things that he does differently, let me just go over a few of them.

At 5 and a half he is just now beginning to talk. By this I mean he said “mommy” and “daddy” for the first time just two months back, and he still doesn’t say them very often. He knows words for the foods he likes but we still have to encourage him to use his words.

He is not potty trained (still working on this one)

He does not come when called.

He does not keep a “normal” sleep schedule.

He is hyper-active nearly all the time (he runs and jumps constantly).

He hates wearing clothes.

He likes to play with gooey, soft objects such as mud and especially make big messes with them.

We love our boy and hope that he can overcome the challenges that he faces.

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